Pearl Society

Just like pearls, music is timeless and precious.

The Pearl Society is an outlet for music lovers to plug into Austin’s legendary music scene while backing HAAM's life-saving healthcare programs.

The name Pearl Society is a tribute to HAAM’s founder, Robin Shivers. In both body and spirit, Robin was beautiful and loved wearing pearls. When Robin passed away in 2009, her signature pearls became a symbol of her dedication and love for HAAM.

Robin understood that music brought people together and she worked tirelessly with dedicated community leaders to create HAAM as a way to offer Austin’s musicians security and stability in an otherwise unpredictable industry.


Introducing the Pearl Society

Your $1,000 annual membership to the Pearl Society offers exclusive access to industry events and concerts throughout the year, including:

  • Exclusive access to four curated Pearl Society music events per year at iconic Austin venues for you and a plus one
  • Two intimate industry insider lunches each year with top musicians and industry professionals
  • Four VIP tickets to Ray Benson's Annual Birthday Bash and the chance to buy limited seated tables in advance
  • Advance notice of ticket sales to select Austin-area events during the year
  • The opportunity to invite guests to each Pearl Society event (space permitting)
  • Artist signed collectible posters at Pearl Society events
  • Invitation to sit on HAAM event committees (space permitting)
  • Many more exciting perks and events throughout the year!

You will be recognized you as a Pearl Society member by having your name listed on this page, in HAAM’s annual community impact report and on the invitations to our four annual Pearl Society events. Your membership can also be anonymous or donated to a friend or family member.

Why your Membership Matters

Without access to HAAM’s lifesaving services, the artists who create the music we love would be without options, without healthcare and ultimately, without the stability they need to sustain and grow their careers.

Your Pearl Society membership provides HAAM with a stable funding source to maintain and expand the life-changing services and support we offer our musician members.

Click here to Join the Pearl Society Today!

Still have questions?

Please contact Rikki Hardy ( for more information on joining the Pearl Society.

Already a HAAM Development Council member?

Rest assured, nothing you loved about the HAAM Development Council is going away. You will continue to be part of this select group of Austin music insiders with behind-the-scenes access to incredible experiences - just with a new name, the Pearl Society!

There is no need to take any action at this time. We’ll be in touch when it is time to renew your membership and send out information about upcoming Pearl Society events.

2019 Pearl Society Members

Chris & Carol Adams
Susan Antone
Reed & Laura Armstrong
Thomas Barbour & Paula Hern
Dr. Garrick M. Baskerville
Emmett & Catherine Beliveau
Ray Benson
Kevin Benz & Olga Campos Benz
Steve & Laura Beuerlein
Louis Black
Carter Blackburn
Roy Blum
Edward & Margaret Boeneke
David & Deborah Bourke
Cody Braun, Reckless Kelly
Willy Braun, Reckless Kelly
Clifford & Leigh Chiu
John Brejot & Barb Cristea
Ryan Burdeno
Kent & Reenie Collins
Nancy Coplin
Donald & Kathryn Counts
Volney & Jeanne Campbell
Francisco Cardenas
Keith & Robin Carmichael
Lonnie & Polly Cooper
Colin Corgan
Dr. Daniel Crowe & CM Marihugh
Tony D'Anna & Julie Killingsworth
Dr. Vinoop Daggubati
Mark & Rebecca Davis
Keith & Ann Donahoe
David Dunn & Terrell Halaska

Gordon Fowler & Marcia Ball
Scott & Rebecca Gillmore
Rick & Darcy Hardy
Jeffrey & Rose Hawkins
John & Cami Hawkins
Kate & Ty Henderson
Matt & Lisa Hickey
Tricia Hoener
David & Leslie Jaffe
John & Nancy James
Stephen & Laura Jeffrey
Donny & Teri Johnson
Meigs & Jennifer Jones
Trent & Natalie Kelly
Dan King
Kelley Knutson
Patrice Koen
John Kunz & Kathy Marcus
Heather Ladage
Matthew & Jennifer Long
Robert & Jessica Malina
Dave & Ana Martin
Richard Mattingly
Earl & Anita Maxwell
Nikelle Meade
Patrick Michalik & Connie Blair
Michael Minks
Justin Miller
Steven & Carolyn Mobley
Brian Monnone & Heather Jank
Adam Morgan
William & Sharon Murray
Alan & Ellen Muskin

Jay Nazz, Reckless Kelly
Chad Neely
Michele Negley
Dr. Amy Nguyen
Dr. Melanie Palmer
Jace & Katie Pirtle
Diana Resnik
Lewis & Shellie Rhoden
Catherine Robb
Anthony & Sue Rondini
Ellen Sauer
Jeff Schoeneberg & Patricia Lucero
Ray Seggern
Dr. Donovan & Catarina Sigerfoos
Lathrop & Brannon Smith
Warren Smith
Jeff Straathof & Mafalda Tan
Joel & Elisa Sumner
Tim & Kathy Taylor
A. Bratten Thomason
Richard & Kelly Topfer
Juan Tornoe
Roy & Dale Truitt
Allen & Denise Valliant
Brad & Susan Van Winkle
Aaron & Margaret Von Flatern
Erin Waddington
Bill Walter
Kurt & Janifer & Janifer Wheeler
Rick Whiteley & Robin Ingari
Ernest Wood & Alison Silverstein
Howard & Mary Garwood Yancy