Hearing Program Overview

All HAAM members have access to hearing health care through HEAR clinics. These are held roughly 4 times each year, usually at the HAAM office. Two weeks before each clinic, all members are sent an email invitation with a link to reserve a spot.

HEAR Clinics

Services offered at the clinic include:

  • A hearing screening for a baseline of how well you hear and counseling to explain your results
  • Visual inspection of the ear canal
  • Wax removal if necessary
  • If you would like to order custom hearing protection, impressions for filtered musicians plugs

There is a $25 co-pay  due when you arrive at the clinic if you would like to order custom filtered musicians plugs.

Audiologists experienced in working with HAAM members will be available to discuss hearing protection customization, which depends on the type of music played and the acoustic environment you are in.

About Custom Filtered Musician's Plugs

Custom filtered musician's plugs are different than traditional foam plug-ins, as the level of attenuation is flat across the frequency spectrum. Non-filtered plugs can attenuate only the high frequencies and cause distortion to the sound signal. Filtered plugs come in four different strengths; 10, 16, 20 and 25 decibel filters.


More Information

HAAM members are eligible to attend one HEAR clinic and order one set of plugs for $25  per year.

If you are interested in purchasing other equipment for musicians (monitor packs, dual drivers, etc.) that are not covered by your HAAM membership, please see an audiologist at a HEAR clinic or contact our member services team.