Dental Program Overview

Oral hygiene and regular dental care are paramount to one’s overall health. Having access to the HAAM Dental Program gives musicians the ability to care for their oral health and prevent future health concerns. Not only does good oral health contribute to overall health, it also contributes to improved quality of life and a killer smile both on and off stage.

The goal of HAAM’s Dental Program is preventive and restorative dental care. Members have access to up to $600 of dental care annually to use at one of 86 HAAM dental providers. Each HAAM dental provider agrees to HAAM’s reduced fee schedule, allowing each member’s $600 annual allotment to go farther.

The HAAM Dental Program is funded through a generous grant from the St. David’s Foundation and fundraising dollars. Members are responsible for a $10 co-pay at each visit. Please note that this funding does not cover cosmetic work, and covers one cleaning annually. Funding renews every July 1 (not on the calendar year!). Funds are first come, first serve while grant dollars last and any remaining funds not used by the member expire on June 30.

Follow these two steps to utilize your HAAM Dental benefits:

  1. Request funding by filling out the DENTAL REFERRAL REQUEST FORM (below). This form is sent to Capital Area Dental Foundation (CADF), who manages HAAM dental funding and dental providers. Once CADF reviews your request, you and your dentist will receive an approval email with the amount of your dental funding balance remaining.
  2. Make your dental appointment. Once you receive the funding approval email from CADF, you can make an appointment with your assigned dentist. CADF will provide you with the phone number of your dentist.

*If your request is urgent, please indicate so in the comments section. Please note that CADF will respond as quickly as possible during business days, but please seek immediate medical attention if you are bleeding or in severe pain.


To request approval from CADF, please fill out this form:

More Information

If you need treatment that exceeds the $600 limit, consider applying for MusiCares, which provides grants to help musicians in financial need. Once you have a treatment plan from a dentist call MusiCares at 877-626-2748 to apply.

If you have questions, the CADF program coordinator can be reached at