Important Update: Dental Funding On Hold Until July 1, 2018

HAAM provides dental funding to our members through a generous grant from the St. David's Foundation. As of April 23, 2018, we will have used up all the dental grant funding available through the end of June. Our new grant year starts July 1, 2018, and we will have access to more dental funds at that time.

What does this mean for you?

Any new routine dental care requests will not be authorized between now and June 30, 2017. If you already have an approved dental referral email from Capital Area Dental Foundation and have not yet completed your dental appointment, then please contact your dentist ASAP to complete this appointment. If you have questions on if your referral is still valid, please email

Can I request an appointment even though funding has run out?

Yes! When you complete the dental referral request form at the bottom of this page, we will save your request and send you a referral once the program reopens on July 1, 2018. Each member will still have access to spend up to $600 per fiscal year (July- June), until the grant money runs out. Keep in mind that funding is spent on a first-come first-served basis.

What if I have a dental emergency?

Please still contact us at if you have urgent dental needs (i.e. pain, infection) that cannot wait until July. The Capital Area Dental Foundation and our Members Services Team will gladly work with you to make sure your needs are met. Please note that CADF will respond as quickly as possible, but please seek immediate medical attention if you are bleeding or in severe pain.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

HAAM will continue to work to secure more funding as our organization grows to meet the needs of our awesome members. We are passionate about providing dental services so we can continue to help our musicians protect those pearly whites!  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Dental Request Form

To request approval from CADF for an appointment after July 1, 2018, fill out this form:

*If your request is urgent, please read the above information on emergencies.