Dental Program Overview

HAAM members receive dental care through the Capital Area Dental Foundation (CADF). Each member is assigned to a CADF dentist, where they receive care at reduced rates.

Each member receives up to $600 in funding each year that can be used for preventative work. This includes cleanings and routine visits, and does not cover cosmetic work. The member is responsible for a $10 co-pay at each visit.

Funding renews every July 1 (not on the calendar year!). Any remaining funds not used by the member expire on June 30.

Appointment Process

There are two steps to making an appointment, which need to be followed every time to ensure funding is approved. Don't get stuck with a bill! They are:

  1. Contact the Capital Area Dental Foundation (CADF) to have the appointment approved. Please allow up to 3 business days for your request to be approved.
  2. Make the appointment with the dentist after your appointment has been approved. CADF will provide you with the phone number of your dentist or assign you to one.

Contact CADF to Request Appointment Approval

To request approval from CADF, please fill out this form:

More Information

If you need treatment that exceeds the $600 limit, consider applying for MusiCares, which provides grants to help musicians in financial need. Once you have a treatment plan from a dentist call MusiCares at 877-626-2748 to apply.

If you have questions, the CADF program coordinator can be reached at