Eligibility & Benefits

Eligibility for Membership

If you are a working musician and live in Austin or a surrounding county, you may be eligible to become a HAAM member. We encourage all interested musicians to reach out to us to explore eligibility. We are only able to determine your options by meeting with you in person.

Member Benefits

The extent of benefits available to HAAM members ranges and is dependent on a variety of factors including income, county of residence, and age.

All HAAM members have access to dental, vision, hearing, alternative wellness, and healthcare navigation services. Members may be eligible for other benefits including access to insurance premium assistance programs, along with support in accessing primary and specialty care.

Memberships are renewed each year during the Open Enrollment period. HAAM staff meets with each member during this time to renew their HAAM benefits and determine their eligibility for health coverage, including Marketplace insurance plans.

If you are interested in becoming a new HAAM member, we need to see you during Open Enrollment, which is from November 1 to December 15! The Open Enrollment process is the same for new and existing members. Hours, location, and a list of what to bring can be found on our Open Enrollment page.