The  HAAM Board is comprised of well respected musician, business, and community leaders who are committed to ensuring that Austin's low income, uninsured musicians have access to affordable healthcare. The HAAM Board volunteers countless hours overseeing the guidance and stewardship of the HAAM resources and assets in order to meet the needs of our musicians. HAAM is proud to have this board of distinguished leaders sharing their skills and talents with our organization.

Chris Adams Partner / Maxwell, Locke & Ritter LLC
Marcia Ball Musician / Austin
Ray Benson Musician-Producer / Asleep at the Wheel
Olga Campos Community Relations Director / US Money Reserve
Keith Carmichael President, Austin Region / MHBT
Jeff Cook President and CEO of Insurance Services / Seton Healthcare Family
Keith Donahoe Executive Vice President / Frost Bank
Scott Gillmore Vice President and Market Manager / Emmis Austin Radio
Lisa Hickey Marketing & Events Consultant /
John T. Kunz President / Waterloo Records & Video
Earl Maxwell Chief Executive Officer / St. David’s Foundation
Diana Resnik Community Leader /
Edward Safady Chairman, Central Texas Area / Prosperity Bank
Alison Silverstein Consultant / Alison Silverstein Consulting
Tim Taylor Partner / Jackson Walker LLP
Richard Topfer Topfer Family Foundation / Managing Director, Castletop Capital

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HAAM Staff

We like to say that we might be few, but we are mighty. The HAAM staff is comprised of a group of passionate and diverse professionals who work very hard to meet the needs of our HAAM member musicians. HAAM Founder, Robin Shivers, had big dreams that the Austin community would come together to ensure that one of our most treasured resources - our musicians - would have access to affordable healthcare services. The HAAM staff still shares those dreams today.

Development Council

HAAM Development Council members are a dedicated group of supporters & music lovers who act as advocates for HAAM and work to expand the organization's impact within the community.
For more information on the Development Council or to get involved please contact Rikki Hardy at 512-541-4226.
Chris & Carol Adams ·  
Susan Antone ·  
Reed & Laura Armstrong ·  
Saleem Assaf ·  
Bridget Bauer ·  
Dana & Robert Bives ·  
David Bourke & Deborah Bourke ·  
Olga Campos & Kevin Benz ·  
Keith & Robin Carmichael ·  
Chris Castle & Nikki Rowling ·  
Donald & Kathryn Counts ·  
Adam Curry and Micky Hoogendijk ·  
John Paul & Eloise DeJoria ·  
Ross Doan ·  
Keith & Ann Donahoe ·  
Angela Dorsey and Jason Rhode ·  
Scott Flack ·  
Mark & Laurie Frick ·  
Scott & Rebecca Gillmore ·  
Rob Golding ·  
Will Harrison ·  
Tim Hendrix ·  
Dan Herd ·  
Lisa & Matt Hickey ·  
William “Whurley” Hurley ·  
Dave & Leslie Jaffe ·  
Gary Keller & Mary Pfluger ·  
Patrice Koen ·  
John T. Kunz & Kathy Marcus ·  
Heather & Alex Ladage ·  
David Martin ·  
Dr. Shane Matt ·  
Richard Mattingly ·  
Richard Mattingly ·  
Melody & Shain McCaig ·  
Pat McClain & Jennifer Casey ·  
Adam Morgan ·  
Patrick Mulligan ·  
Jeffrey Munger ·  
Chad Neely ·  
Mike & Mary Phelan ·  
Lewis & Shellie Rhoden ·  
Jeff Schoeneberg & Patricia Lucero ·  
Dr. Donovan & Catarina Sigerfoos ·  
Alison Silverstein ·  
Cheryl Smith ·  
Lynn Stahl ·  
Denise & Allen Valliant ·  
Brad Van Winkle ·  
Mary Walker ·  
Rick Whiteley & Robin Ingari ·  

Annual Reports

HAAM is pleased to present our annual reports.Here you can find all kinds of fun facts about HAAM and the services we provide. Each annual report is not only a snap shot of HAAM's growth and progress since we started in 2005, but more importantly, it tells the stories of Austin's musicians and how HAAM has affected their lives.

Music is a universal language - the power of which is understood by all. In good times and bad, live music lifts the spirits and brings joy to those who hear it. Health Alliance for Austin Musicians proudly supports the musicians of Austin who make our lives so rich. We are lucky to have musicians of all genres call Austin home. The universal language that they speak inspires and moves us.