Sherry at Beerland Texas

12:15 AM
Beerland Texas
Sherry, Austin's new favorite psych pop prog art rock band, consists of John Michael Sherry, Sean Lochridge, Declan Murtagh, Austin Perriraz, Justinian Martinez. Sherry formed when singer, John Michael, moved back home to Texas after a 2 year stint in Brooklyn. Within the first month of being back, Sherry formed, released their debut and went on their first cross country tour! Sherry blends styles like 60s & 70s folk songwriters with elements of prog, jazz, and modern production techniques. Sherry embraces their new persona defined by a toe tapper’s longing to find comfort in complexity. In one hand, Sherry wields the scepter of the maximalist musician, while the other holds nothing but casual conversations with old friends.
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