The High Road on Austin Curated by William Harries Graham feat. Shawnee Kilgore

6:25 PM
The High Road on Dawson
The High Road on Dawson Curated by William Harries Graham, with support from: Austin Real Pros; Taylor Jobe, MD; McGarrah Jessee; and Law Office of Ken Ramirez, PLLC. About Shawnee Kilgore: In 2014, Shawnee Kilgore launched a kickstarter campaign in the hopes that she could fund her next solo album. In her video message, Kilgore held up a card with the phrase “I’m learning to ask for help,” which resonated heavily with one of Hollywood’s most well-known directors, Joss Whedon. Whedon loved Kilgore’s voice and not only backed the project but developed a partnership with her and the two decided to collab.
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