Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

Services Overview

HAAM members have access to mental and behavioral health services through the SIMS foundation.

SIMS is also able to support the immediate family of Austin-area musicians, as well as music industry professionals.

SIMS offers the following services:

  • Counseling¬†for individuals, couples, and groups provided by a licensed SIMS staff counselor or a member of the SIMS provider network, including short-term counseling (6-12 sessions) to bands and musical groups experiencing conflict.
  • Addiction Recovery Services¬†including detoxification, inpatient treatment, sober living facilities, and addiction-focused psychotherapy.
  • Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management provided by licensed psychiatrists and supervised psychiatric residents.

Get Started

To get started, call the SIMS confidential client line at 512-494-1007.

You'll speak with a professionally licensed SIMS staff counselor, who will ask about your concerns and needs as well as history in order to complete an in-depth clinical assessment. You will also be asked to provide basic information about your income to establish eligibility for services and to determine reasonable co-pay, usually ranging from $10 - $45.

Based on your needs, SIMS will refer you to the most appropriate long-term provider. In most cases, before the end of the call, you will have the name and contact information of their therapist or provider and can immediately call for an appointment.