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HAAM Benefit Day brings all of Austin together each year to sing praise for keeping our musicians alive and well. Austin businesses and music venues host over 200 performances from local musicians all over the city and donate a portion of their daily sales to support HAAM. Our biggest fundraiser, HAAM Benefit Day lets customers, businesses and music lovers across Austin do their part to help Austin musicians and feel the satisfaction of contributing to an important piece of the fabric of the city.

On HAAM Benefit Day 2017, we beat our goal of raising $520,000. Thank you, Austin! We are humbled by your support and hope you will join us for the next HAAM Benefit Day on September 11, 2018.



HAAM Benefit Day 2018 will be on Tuesday, September, 11. To become a sponsor, contact rikki@myhaam.org.


Calling all volunteers who love music!  Do you want to help HAAM on our mission of Keeping Music in Austin Alive & Well, all while catching a great show? We need hundreds of volunteers to pull off HAAM Benefit Day! Sign up to volunteer. We promise that you will have a great time!


Each year, HAAM Benefit Day brings in over a quarter of our operating budget, and we now need your help more than ever! We have experienced unprecedented growth over the past year and set an ambitious goal of raising over $520,000 on HAAM Benefit Day.

Click here to donate and help HAAM keep music in Austin alive and well.

2017 HAAM Benefit Day Guide

Ty Richards at the Mayor’s Showcase (City Hall)

Ty Richards is widely proclaimed as “the future of rock” in a world where rock and roll is considered to be dead. His fans have dubbed him “Beck Zeppelin”. From the city of Austin, Texas, alternative rock artist Ty Richards and his psychedelic dance-rock sound is causing a commotion in the States and even across the pond in Europe. But now in 2017 with his debut album ‘Zillion’ in hand, Ty Richards is ready to up the ante. He’s building his career as a truly “independent” artist. Richards has spent the last year molding this highly-anticipated album that sets the stage for a very prolific future.

12:00PM | Downtown Austin | All Ages

Victoria Pennock at Seton Medical Center

Victoria Pennock Band has been around since 2003 when Victoria decided to get the heck outta Vegas after 10 years in show bands and put together a band of musicians that cover music from all genres and writes music that feeds their souls. Solo or duo, this gal sings and plays with gusto!!!

12:00PM | Central Austin | All Ages

Arielle Nicole at Wild About Music

In 2011, having just released her debut album, "This One's For You," Arielle was in a life changing car accident where she fractured her neck and sustained nerve damage to her strumming hand. The challenges of the recover process awakened a new depth in her songwriting and lit a fire in her determination. Arielle is back with the 2014 follow-up album, "Falling Up" which she co-produced and played all guitar and mandolin. Listen to this album and you will hear it - some things are just a matter of time.

12:30PM | Downtown Austin | All Ages

Byrd & Street at BB Rover’s

In the spring of 2001 something remarkable happened. While recording in Tommy Byrd's studio, Kathy Street sang a simple harmony along with Tommy's melody. But what they heard was something unexpected. It sounded almost like three people singing! They knew they were onto something special, and decided then and there to perform together. Byrd and Street was born.

1:00PM | North Austin | All Ages

Craig Marshall at Zax Restaurant & Bar

Austin-based musician Craig Marshall believes that as a songwriter, he’s only as good as his next song. Fortunately, the prolific Marshall always seems to have a next song on tap, with a songbook that goes back thirty-plus years. Marshall’s love of The Beach Boys and The Bee Gees can also be heard, and over the years, critics have cited artists as diverse as Badfinger, Marshall Crenshaw and XTC when describing Marshall.

1:00PM | South Austin | All Ages

Donovan Keith and the Funky Feat at Whole Foods – Downtown

The man that never stops moving. First known as the frontman of Soul Track Mind, the band he started in 2008, Donovan Keith embodies the ideals of both stunning vocal ability and infectiously frenetic showmanship. The mystery has yet to be solved: How can a mild-mannered ginger sing AND dance like that? This red-haired, soul-singing dynamo has a brand-new project all his own. With The Funky Feat, combining the voice and moves that fans have grown to crave with fresh new songs and piano skills you never knew he had, Donovan Keith is inviting you along for his next (r)evolution.

1:00PM | Downtown Austin | All Ages

Isaac Routh at Stella San Jac – Westin Downtown

Isaac Routh is the frontman of Austin based band, The Waprplanes. They have been hitting the Texas music scene since 2010. Starting With their Self-titled debut in 2011, The Warplanes have carved out a sound of their own that has truly blossomed on their latest release, Epigenesis. Their bluesy psychedelic rock is a treat to see live, so catch them when you can.

1:00PM | Downtown Austin | All Ages

Julieann Banks at Whole Foods – Domain

Julieann Banks is a bit of a rambler, (but then what good story teller or song-writer isn't?), spending half of her adult life in Shreveport Louisiana and the other half in her adopted hometown of Austin Texas where she resides currently. She is an award-winning vocalist, songwriter, bassist & guitarist, and she does it all with a passion wrought of a lifetime commitment to being a full-time professional musician.

1:00PM | North Austin | All Ages

Mike Schermer at Whole Foods – Arbor Trails

Mighty Mike Schermer was a fixture on the Bay Area blues scene for over 20 years when he relocated to Austin TX in 2009 and joined the touring band of swamp-boogie piano legend Marcia Ball. He carved out a solid solo career, with four critically acclaimed CDs, an award winning single and thousands of performances at festivals and nightclubs the world over. Mighty Mike Schermer delivers on all fronts.

1:00PM | South Austin | All Ages

Ray Prim at IBC Bank (Downtown)

Imagine Ben Harper and Ray Lamontagne heading over to Abbey Road in a cadillac convertible to pick up John Lennon and Paul Mccartney so they can catch the tail end of The Reverend Al Green's sermon....Ray’s live shows are inspiring collaborations where you can see and hear the mutual respect each person has for making sounds that touch your heart, connecting with the audience to ensure they are swaying along by the end of each song.

1:00PM | Downtown Austin | All Ages

Shane Cooley at The Saxon Pub at ABIA (Delaware North)

The story goes like this – KUTX Eklektikos host John Aielli himself admitted he fell in love with the music of Shane Cooley one summer when he heard his music at a local coffee shop. Aielli was captivated. “I’ve worked in radio since 1963, and over the years I’ve learned to recognize talent,” he said recently. “There was something in his sound that made me want to listen…” There’s proof positive to this testimonial with Cooley’s release of Kings Highway, an album rich in roots, Americana, a bit of rock and eclectic touches of pop.

1:00PM | East Austin | All Ages

Tracy Weinberg at BB Rover’s

Based in the Austin, Texas area, Tracy Weinberg exemplifies the musical variety and eclecticism found there. His unique singing style and accompaniment on the dojo (resonator-banjo) and banjo create a fresh acoustic sound that is sure to please your musical palette. His new album, The Other Way Around, combines clever and meaningful lyrics with top-notch instrumental accompaniment.

1:45PM | North Austin | All Ages