KUT and the Robin Ratliff Shivers Artist Green Room

December 10, 2012

Today I had the privilege of visiting the new KUT  Public Media Studios. It’s really impressive. Granted I’m not an expert in architecture or what makes a good broadcast environment but from my outsider perspective I think they did a great job. Some things that particularly stuck out for me:

-The community aspect of the station. There are two studios that allow the community to peek in and see the performances live. Studio 1A is gorgeous and built with acoustics in mind! The big window facing east allows visitors to look in from the plaza and see the band in action. There are also speakers out on the plaza that allow the community to hear the performance. A smaller studio on the other side of the building has a window that faces the lobby allowing people coming and going to peek in and see performances. Even the rooms where the DJs work have windows so people can look in and see them at work. Very cool!

-The Robin Ratliff Shivers Artist Green Room. Named after HAAM’s founder, the room is a comfortable and welcoming place for artists to hang out as they wait for their on-air appearances. Kudos to KUT for recognizing and remembering Robin’s contributions to our music community!




In addition to the new building, KUT has a lot of great new things going on including:

-The launch of KUTX 98.9 . On January 1, KUT becomes an all news station and KUTX becomes all music. Looking forward to listening to both. The news program schedule is up already and the music program schedule has yet to be released.

The Austin Music Map. Now this is pretty interesting. The Austin Music Map is a yearlong effort to go beyond the well-traveled streets of the Austin music scene in search of the hidden places where music is being made. I can’t describe it…just check it out here.

Austin is lucky to have KUT as a community asset! Best wishes to KUT on the new Public Media Studios!