Chipping In To Make a Difference

December 17, 2012

This week I have been reflecting on one of the many reasons I love Austin: the generosity of our business community. I get the privilege of working with so many companies that understand that giving is a sign of a great company that cares about its employees and the community around it. Whether it be giving dollars or giving employees volunteer time off to serve in our community or encouraging employees to give through matching giving programs, these companies go above and beyond to show their support.

One of these companies is Cirrus Logic. Cirrus Logic has been supporting HAAM for several years through sponsorship of our Corporate Battle of the Bands event.

Last week Cirrus Logic and its employees donated $20,000 additional dollars to further HAAM’s mission. The Cirrus folks have a corporate giving program called “Chipping In to Make a Difference”. Kudos to Cirrus and its employees for embracing philanthropy and sharing your gifts with HAAM!

What’s incredible is Cirrus Logic is not alone in its leadership around philanthropy. The Austin American-Statesman recently wrote about the Top Workplaces in 2012. Guess what? Four of the ten contribute to HAAM!

Makes me really proud to live in Austin!